Inside A Married Man’s Head

I have not been married for long but I know one thing for sure. In every married man’s life, there are those days his brain just shuts down and it takes hours to reboot. On those days he wants to sit quietly as he listens to his inner self. Some of us go to our favorite joint and sit quietly at a corner with a bottle of beer in hand while some of us – who are not friends with the bottle – prefer to do this at home. On such days you might think we are contemplating suicide or murder but we are not. We just came face to face with our inner self – we can’t escape – and it’s demanding a one on one with us. Read the rest of this entry »


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Dad Gave Mummy a Foot Massage

If you have read my piece “Gone With a Piece of Me” then you already know the kind of guy my dad was… One more time please. Let’s tip our hats for all the people who care about expectant women. Those who let our expectant mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces and daughters jump the queue. Those who help them carry their shopping to the car. Those who help them across the road. Those who give them a seat in the train, bus etc. Those  benevolent nurses who help them deliver their bundle of joy. And above all, those men who give their expectant women a foot massage. Keep it up for you are truly angels walking among men.

Ok thanks, your hats back on please. Read the rest of this entry »

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Little Rock Dove

Oh my little lovely rock dove

Always mine to belove

Our love a treasure-trove

Together the world we can rove Read the rest of this entry »

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In the Thicket, a Soldier Dies

In the Thicket, a Soldier Dies

In the copse

Lie many corpses

Too many dead soldiers

The enemy killed them like walkers. Read the rest of this entry »

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This Girl I Met

There I was. In the strong embrace of an epic calmness. For once my mind never wandered. I felt like myself after a long time. Actually I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so. This beautiful, warm sensational peace embraced my whole body, and I was so happy. So content. So relaxed.

There was this line that kept popping in my head though; ‘Nowadays, dating is like job hunting, and a gracious sense of manners is a bonus skill that will increase your curb appeal’.

And then there she was. Looking like a morning sunrise in winter, extravagant and full of promise. She looked calm and travelled. Read the rest of this entry »

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Firm strides of confidence have slackened to tiptoes of doubt and trepidation. Bandits and pirates that have raped our motherland and who should be rightly in jail instead strut around like the peacock in full plum proffering ‘advice’ as they are feted and venerated.

We are a Country held by the balls and throat by corruption. Read the rest of this entry »

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When suddenly everyone wants everything for themselves, the world turns into a foul smelling bubble cocooned with self-indulgence and amour- propre – Emmanuel Mike

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The streets huff and puff as the red sun settles beyond the horizon. With their brains feeling like an imbalanced chemical cocktail poorly mixed by a bartender-in-training, city dwellers exhausted to the hilt push and shove as the rush hour traffic quickly graduates to code blue. In the dead of the night, when the midnight revelry is rife, statues in the city streets, that stand in solitude, will see and hear it all. A lonely wife will turn in her bed waiting for her husband, who is ‘working late’. 

If you take a vantage point you will have a view of the metamorphosis of Nairobi from day to night. You will distinctly see the city strip its genteel garb and slip into impudent attire.

Just like the ancients in The Strain TV series little street kids crawl out of their hiding in readiness to devour the city.

Having mastered the art of seduction to perfection and in skimpy, salacious wear, filles de joie, like damsels in distress, with every curve in the book also come out to give the city a Sodom and Gomorrah feel. Read the rest of this entry »


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Wishful Thinking

I laughed. But I remembered that story of the white settler who owned an extensive farm and prairies that stretched all the way from Rongai to Nakuru, and how the Austrian damsel with flowing hair broke his heart until he couldn’t look at any other lady let alone stand the mentioning of the word female till his death. The heartbreak literally built a concrete wall around his heart.

Heartbreak does strange things to men. We men claim to be strong but ladies are rightfully our weakness. There is a saying by my people that says; ‘Birecha bi’omokungu nomware. Omosacha naba eki arabe omokungu nabo akomoita arere.” Loosely translated; no matter the stature of a man, a woman can make him cry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Money Changed No Person

So does money and success really change people? I don’t think so. Instead I think what money does is it digs deep into the depths of our dark souls and awakens our own evil selves. It brings out the evil habits in us. It nurtures them. Feeds them. Massages them and backs them on the back and says; Its your time to shine little demons! That is when we say; since he got lots of money he’s really changed.

Does money make a good person bad? No. No way. Not at all. Deep down every human being is evil. However our evil traits are hidden depending on a number of things e.g our social, economic status etc. So I think.

I am sure all of us can tell of a person who once was so humble but when they got hold of the dead presidents they suddenly changed and became so arrogant and proud.

Allow me share a story. Read the rest of this entry »


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